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25APPE-popupFrom Melissa Clack via NYT Good Appetite.

Thanks to everyone who tuned into photo week on creativeLIVE and for the amazing crowd at IFBC 2013. What an exhilarating  few days. Seriously cannot wait to do it again.


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Chef’s Jacket….Plaid Shirt

At IFBC Portland this past weekend my great friend Chef John (@foodwishes)  and I gave a photography/cooking demo workshop. Hilarity ensued. Add a video camera to the mix among stolen/missing props, blenders we could not operate and the bantering of two bald smart alecs and the three hour program was a laugh a minute. The amazingly enthusiastic audience dubbed the cooking show they would like to see us do some day…”The Chef’s Jacket and the Plaid Shirt”. We also were given the monikers of “The Baldest Act at IFBC” as well as the “Oldest Boy Band” on record. Good names all. Oddly enough some video has surfaced to add some fuel to that fire. The nice folks at JennAir shot this for their website. IFBC Portland 2012

You can also check out Paola Thomas’ (@mirrormirrorxx) funny account of the weekend  here.

Thanks to everyone who attended…new friends and old…and the terrific organizers from Foodista, Barnaby and Sheri.

See you in Seattle in 2013.

Photo Credit: Robin E. H. Ove (@what_about_food)


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More Food Photo Workshops…

I have recently begun fusing the two disparate career paths I have followed in my life. Teaching and photography. Many of you know that I spent some 15 years as a teacher and a coach in various educational settings. While doing that I was also pursuing a career in photography. Several years back, when push came to shove I needed to make a choice and you all know which one I made.  What I did not initially realize that was it wasn’t actually a choice but just a shift. Over the past few years, I have begun to combine these two seemingly different areas into one. I have some great opportunities to be involved in speaking and workshops coming in the next weeks and months and I plan to pursue even more.

This Friday, I will be speaking at the International Food Bloggers Conference in New Orleans. The conference is sponsored by Foodista.com. Their social media manager, Andie Mitchell, attended my last workshop in Seattle and decided that I would be a good fit for their event. I am really excited to be one of their featured speakers in one of my favorite cities.

On October 4th, I will be co-teaching a workshop on Food Photography at the Star Chefs International Chefs Congress  in New York City with Edible Brooklyn editor and photographer, Michael Harlan Turkell. Working with Michael on this project is a long time coming as we have admired each others work for a good while.

I am also planning a return engagement to Seattle in November for a more technical workshop about the execution of a food photo shoot from recipes to final, finished product. I will be joined on this one by my right-hand girl, Olga Massov, better known as the Sassy Radish. Olga and I will take the class through what a typical home studio photo shoot entails. Date to be announced shortly after a consultation with our great friend and hostess Myra Kohn of Seattle Bon Vivant.

So, if you are interested in these events please follow the links or stay tuned here for more info to follow.  More workshops to come.


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