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creativeLIVE…Scrivani on Sale.

creativeLIVE has decided to celebrate fall and Halloween by offering a 25% discount on my classes from October 18th through October 31st .
The discount code to use is OCTOBERANDREW and it can only be used ONE TIME per user.
Hope you can take advantage of the sale.
The above shot is one I took on the set of the Light Table Class last month in Seattle.


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Thank You…

22recipehealth-articleLargeHere is a plate of Tomato Risotto for my friends at creativeLIVE. There are so many people to thank for what was a most incredible experience at creativeLIVE this past weekend that it is a bit overwhelming to think about.

First off, I would like to thank Co-Founder Craig Swanson and Arlene Evans, the Director of Photography Education for having the confidence in me to put me live on the air for 18 hours. I would also love to thank Executive Producer Amanda Caines for putting me together with Content Producer Michael Karsh and Editorial Manager Whitney Ricketts. They are two of the most organized, professional and most of all collected and kind people I have ever worked with.

I would also like to thank all of the creativeLIVE crew who worked on our segments and a special thank you to Susan Roderick and Jim Catechi, the on air hosts, who helped me stay relaxed, focused and on point. True pros. A big thanks to our Line Producers Lindsay Martin, Nin Robare and especially Celeste Olds who came out of “retirement” to work with us. Also, thanks to John Cornicello, my photo assistant, who stayed one step ahead of me for all three days.

Thanks to the guys in the booth and behind the cameras and running the sound, Adam Bauer, William Brown, Kellen Shimizu, Tracy Nystrom, Sam Graydon, Alex Walsh, Michael Rotchadl. And kudos to the PA’s Erin Stewart, Caitlin MacKintosh and Carolyn Palma. I am sure I am missing a few people but please know how grateful I am for your hard work and support you provided me.

I would also like to acknowledge my in-studio students. Firstly, Paola Thomas, my friend and biggest supporter. I would never have been here if it was not for your insistence that I belonged on creativeLIVE and how skillfully you put me together with them. Thank you to Kate Hailey, Leah Barad, Steve Sabrier, Leigh Olson, Pam Bolig and Kristin Tetuán. Your authenticity, eagerness to learn, your great questions and incredible hard work over these past days has been humbling. I admire your drive to find more in your photography and get better at this craft. Bravo!!!!

A special thank you goes to my friend Shauna Ahern. Your willingness to share of yourself, always and in all arenas is transformative for all of us. I was and I know the audience was honored to have you there to share your wisdom, triumphs and heartaches in your business and life. Inspirational is the least of it. You mentor us all.

Finally, I would like to thank the internet audience. The size of you blew my mind. Answering your questions actually helps me think and learn too. Your attention and interest were so vital to this project and you showed it everywhere. It was a profound experience for me.

If you want to visit my course page to purchase the class you still have a few hours to get the discounted price. It will be there for you to watch, as you need to and I hope you take advantage of all we shared over the past few days.


Here are a few shots from the cast and crew:

CL_FoodPhotography-1 CL_FoodPhotography-2 CL_FoodPhotography-3 photo 1 photo 3 photo 2




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1 Week to Go…creativeLIVE

So, a week from today my FREE creativeLIVE workshop will begin. Still time to enroll. One of the things I’ll discuss is the use of the diptych, like this one for this apple, fennel and endive salad by Martha Rose Shulman.



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Countdown to creativeLIVE…9

We have 9 days until my FREE creativeLIVE  workshop. You must enroll to watch, so do that soon. I will post a new photo here every day until we go live. Hope you can make it.


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Television, Acts of God & Photography…


So, I made my television debut today on The Chew. I settled in at 1pm at my studio to watch the show and was enjoying Catherine McCord’s segment on Green Mac & Cheese when all of a sudden ABC went to a Breaking News Weather Alert due to a tornado warning upstate. I knew that I was in the fourth segment which would run at about 1:30pm so I still had 15 minutes. The alert ran for a full ten minutes and we caught just the end of Catherine’s second segment before the commercial break. During the News Alert I had several texts and phone calls lamenting the interruption. I think my mother used some expletives…well…actually I’m sure of it.

So, when all of the commercials ran I thought we were in the clear…when the weatherman appeared again with those blasted radar readings and doomsday graphics. When the alert finally ended they went back and there we were…Daphne Oz, Yvette Nicole Brown and me…laughing and joking and talking about ugly cookies. So, it wasn’t a total loss…only the NY audience was effected and here is the link to the entire segment that was posted on the ABC website earlier today. It was a lot of fun and we even had a little drama to go along with the comedy.


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First We Feast Interview…

First We Feast Interview...

The lovely Elyse Inamine over at First We Feast graciously asked me to be part of their “Show us you Food Porn” series and I was happy to oblige. Go check it out.

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February 6, 2013 · 8:39 pm

Tips on The Kitchn…

Today on The Kitchn, Sabra Krock, Michael Natkin and I all share some food photography tips. Please visit, The Kitchn, it’s a great site and they have always been great to me.


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