Idiom Cafe

sundaysauce@gmail.com_b8a5a837imagesFollow the adventures of George and Millie and they talk about life and food and the world at the Idiom Cafe. They have an unusual way of speaking that I’m sure the readers of this blog can appreciate.

Volume 1.

Volume 2.

Volume 3.

Volume 5.

Volume 6.

Volume 7:

2 responses to “Idiom Cafe

  1. dad

    Millie : How about those Yankees!
    George: Yea, but not as good as those Brooklyn Dodgers!!
    Millie: No one can compare to Jetter, ARod, etc.
    George: OH yea…..they couldn’t make a team consisting of Duke Snider, Roy Campanella or Johnny Podres. I almost forgot to mention Bart Starr and Paul Hornung.
    Millie: Are you talking about the Green Bay Dodgers????

  2. Aunt Pat

    well that was interesting *** not a palin fan either she out there selling her book and God knows whatelse ***

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