Food for Thought is a series of my photographs that are about or have a passing reference to my adventures in food, social satire, my travels and life as I see it through the lens of my camera. Also included here are my Gratuitous Food Porn Series pictures which represent some of my favorite published food images.












9 responses to “FFT

  1. Loving this site…nice work cuz!!

    Lots of LOVE!

  2. crescendoesque

    Like this a lot.
    Photographs of everyday life mixed with some very “artsy ones” (though that’s not to say that every day life isn’t artistic!)

  3. Andrew, thanks for your work here! As an amateur photographer, food writer/blogger, your work is inspiring.

    food for thought for sure!

  4. Love the FFT! One of my favorites was the you’re-my-only-pork-chop card. As someone who’s just begun blogging about good food and locavore living in S.F. and getting into photography, your photos are fun and thought-provoking. I will definitely share this with others. Thanks!

  5. Hi Andrew, I love your food porn series! I thought Katie Quinn Davies started it all. Was I wrong. I just signed up for IFBC in Seattle and am looking forward to see you in action. Keep inspiring us food bloggers and photographers!

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