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Talk the Talk…


One of the clips from my most recent stint on on Table Top Photography. Check it out here.

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Chef’s Jacket….Plaid Shirt

At IFBC Portland this past weekend my great friend Chef John (@foodwishes)  and I gave a photography/cooking demo workshop. Hilarity ensued. Add a video camera to the mix among stolen/missing props, blenders we could not operate and the bantering of two bald smart alecs and the three hour program was a laugh a minute. The amazingly enthusiastic audience dubbed the cooking show they would like to see us do some day…”The Chef’s Jacket and the Plaid Shirt”. We also were given the monikers of “The Baldest Act at IFBC” as well as the “Oldest Boy Band” on record. Good names all. Oddly enough some video has surfaced to add some fuel to that fire. The nice folks at JennAir shot this for their website. IFBC Portland 2012

You can also check out Paola Thomas’ (@mirrormirrorxx) funny account of the weekend  here.

Thanks to everyone who attended…new friends and old…and the terrific organizers from Foodista, Barnaby and Sheri.

See you in Seattle in 2013.

Photo Credit: Robin E. H. Ove (@what_about_food)


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It’s Gettin Real…

I heard about this video on You Tube today…sat down to watch it tonight and howled with laughter. If this is not spot on I don’t know what is. Check it out.


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A few weeks back my friend Alexis invited me to an eating event by a group she belongs to called the Gastronauts. It’s a group that takes adventurous eating very seriously. They have eaten things like insects, snakes, beavers (behave) and even a lion..that died of natural causes. I went for a Nepalese feast of all things goat. ABC news happened to be there and it make the 6 o’clock news the other night. Check this out and be sure to watch out for the bald guy with the greying beard…

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Guest Blogger: Ed David, Cinematographer

making SundaySauce… is beginning a new guest blogging feature today.  Our first guest blogger is Ed David. Ed is a Brooklyn-native cinematographer who shoots for television, film, commercials and documentaries. He is the Director of Photography at When he is not shooting he is biking around the city in search of great shots and good food.  He graces us with a beautifully shot short film about Rick and Michael Mast.

Mast Brothers by Ed David

We at produced a short documentary by Brennan Stasiewicz about the Mast brothers, chocolate-makers from Brooklyn. Rick and Michael Mast are trying to bring craft back to the U.S. in an age of automation and the dulling of the American creative vision.  We filmed them before they took off to set sail and explore where their chocolate comes from. The film is directed and edited by Brennan Stasiwicz, produced by Tom Ran, and I was the cinematographer on the project.  I hope you enjoy our film.

The Mast Brothers from The Scout on Vimeo.

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From Start…to…Finish

As a cooking photographer..I am often asked what a typical day for me looks like…well…here are 4 days prepping and shooting a Recipes for Health assignment….condensed into 2 minutes…my helpers are as always appreciated but asked out of prime time this time around.


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