making SundaySauce…was created in 2007 as an homage to the life of my great-grandmother Ercelia (Sadie) Milo.  My fascination with food began as a toddler in her kitchen and her lessons have served me well in my career in food; as a cook, a food stylist and primarily a food photographer and writer.  SundaySauce is not only the family meal for many Italian-Americans but is also what I chose to name my business in addition to this blog.  SundaySauce represents what food has brought me in my life.

8 responses to “About

  1. Hi Andrew Scrivani, I’m a big fan of your NYtimes food
    photos. I’m an aspiring food/portrait photographer and I was
    wondering how you made it to the NYtimes in your career? I’m
    currently an engineer looking to explore my options in photography.
    I’m looking forward to hear from you. Have a great holidays! Best,

    • I started at the times when they needed a shot in my hometown and needed a local shooter. Making yourself known to editors, especially if you are not in NYC proper can be the break you need. Try to find out when to send your portfolio and make yourself available to editors and maybe you get lucky and the need someone in your area. That was how I got my first assignment.

  2. Love your site, wish you had the recipes available in print also. If you do I cannot find them I like to have them when looking at your video it makes ut easier to follow-thanks

  3. Tara

    My attention was fully yours as soon as I read the name of the blog. Instantly I reminisced of my dear Italian friend that schooled me in ‘Sunday Sauce’. I’m in!

    • MK

      The name of this blog was my life for over 15 years. 5 boys, full time work, lotsa foster boys. Every Sunday – 8 quarts of sauce. My first son is a chef – ingrained in the patterns of his life!

  4. I was initially searching for ideas for my web site and encountered your own blog post, “About | making
    SundaySauce”, would you care in the event I actually work with a number of
    your own ideas? Thanks a lot ,Jeanne

  5. My mom who is Italian is my inspiration for my cooking. I am half Italian but I was born an raised in Caracas, Venezuelan. Food has been a HUGE part of my life. My mom is an incredible cook (chef IMO but she doesn’t have a business doing it😉 ) I just LOVE food and that is why I wanted to share it and honor it in my food blog. Thanks for sharing your story. So many similarities to mine😀

  6. Ciao Andrew. Lovely blog. I was intrigued when I saw your header image on another blog-it’s very similar to one of mine so caught my eye right away. http://unpodipepe.ca/2014/09/01/passata-di-pomodoro/ Ciao, Cristina

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