Thank You…

22recipehealth-articleLargeHere is a plate of Tomato Risotto for my friends at creativeLIVE. There are so many people to thank for what was a most incredible experience at creativeLIVE this past weekend that it is a bit overwhelming to think about.

First off, I would like to thank Co-Founder Craig Swanson and Arlene Evans, the Director of Photography Education for having the confidence in me to put me live on the air for 18 hours. I would also love to thank Executive Producer Amanda Caines for putting me together with Content Producer Michael Karsh and Editorial Manager Whitney Ricketts. They are two of the most organized, professional and most of all collected and kind people I have ever worked with.

I would also like to thank all of the creativeLIVE crew who worked on our segments and a special thank you to Susan Roderick and Jim Catechi, the on air hosts, who helped me stay relaxed, focused and on point. True pros. A big thanks to our Line Producers Lindsay Martin, Nin Robare and especially Celeste Olds who came out of “retirement” to work with us. Also, thanks to John Cornicello, my photo assistant, who stayed one step ahead of me for all three days.

Thanks to the guys in the booth and behind the cameras and running the sound, Adam Bauer, William Brown, Kellen Shimizu, Tracy Nystrom, Sam Graydon, Alex Walsh, Michael Rotchadl. And kudos to the PA’s Erin Stewart, Caitlin MacKintosh and Carolyn Palma. I am sure I am missing a few people but please know how grateful I am for your hard work and support you provided me.

I would also like to acknowledge my in-studio students. Firstly, Paola Thomas, my friend and biggest supporter. I would never have been here if it was not for your insistence that I belonged on creativeLIVE and how skillfully you put me together with them. Thank you to Kate Hailey, Leah Barad, Steve Sabrier, Leigh Olson, Pam Bolig and Kristin Tetuán. Your authenticity, eagerness to learn, your great questions and incredible hard work over these past days has been humbling. I admire your drive to find more in your photography and get better at this craft. Bravo!!!!

A special thank you goes to my friend Shauna Ahern. Your willingness to share of yourself, always and in all arenas is transformative for all of us. I was and I know the audience was honored to have you there to share your wisdom, triumphs and heartaches in your business and life. Inspirational is the least of it. You mentor us all.

Finally, I would like to thank the internet audience. The size of you blew my mind. Answering your questions actually helps me think and learn too. Your attention and interest were so vital to this project and you showed it everywhere. It was a profound experience for me.

If you want to visit my course page to purchase the class you still have a few hours to get the discounted price. It will be there for you to watch, as you need to and I hope you take advantage of all we shared over the past few days.


Here are a few shots from the cast and crew:

CL_FoodPhotography-1 CL_FoodPhotography-2 CL_FoodPhotography-3 photo 1 photo 3 photo 2




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44 responses to “Thank You…

  1. Thank you!!! Thank you for great information, humor and authenticity. I’ll try to iron my napkins from now on.

  2. thank YOU for sharing your knowledge in such a nice and easy-to-understand way🙂 after watching this course i definitely feel the need to do more food photography again. so thanks for making me understand this🙂

  3. I know I have told you on social media how much your work with appreciated, Andrew. But you really did belong on the air. I have waited a long time for courses in the smaller genres such as food photography and when I heard it announced, and watched you execute it beautifully, it really made my day and weekend.

    Very well done and I will be an avid follower of yours for a long time. It doesn’t hurt that your frequent use of a moody look matches my style, as well.🙂

    • Thank you, Jay. It really is rewarding to here this from those of you who tuned it. I will certainly try to do more instruction and I’m glad you’ll be out there checking it out and drawing knowledge from it. Many thanks.

  4. Kelvin

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I bought the course and I will be re-watching again and again. Not sure if you have a chance to look at the pictures I posted on instragram. My handle is @yuestudio. Let us know when you are going to be in San Francisco again.

  5. From a viewer in South Africa; thank you Andrew for being so generous with your experiences and knowledge. It was beyond masterclass, and more into the realm of something acutely spiritual🙂

  6. Andrew – Thanks for making my first month working at creativeLIVE (and our first ever Google Hangout pre-course) a cake walk. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to do it all again!

    • And…of course I needed to thank you as well. That chat seemed like it was a year ago by the time we were through. Thanks so much for making that happen and for the patience you showed with that whole process…and for spurring me on to buy a new computer.😉

  7. Thank YOU! Andrew. It was a great pleasure to work with you and to see you in action as a teacher. I loved your interaction with the students and the worldwide audience. Something for me to aspire to as I prepare for some classes I’m working on.

    • John, I have no doubt that all the charm and patience you displayed with me will carry you with an audience. I very much enjoyed meeting and working with you and hope to see you again on my next visit.

  8. I just wanted to pop in and tell you what a great teacher, is that the right word, you are. I don’t shoot food, well except for the odd cake I make to go in a still life, but I found your style so engaging, I just wanted to keep watching. You are really good at that sort of thing. It sounds like you really enjoyed it too, so congratulations, good job.

  9. Thank you Andrew, it was a truly wonderful, educational and fun experience. I learned much on vision, forethought, planning and creativity. I’m really looking forward to where this will take me, as an artist and creative. See you next time! ~ kate

  10. Evan Sadler

    On behalf of the production team it was a pleasure to have you with us @ creativeLIVE. Thanks Andrew for building a fantastic workshop. We’re excited to work with you again soon!

  11. Bea Rigby

    Andrew, it was awesome! Very clear that you showed up willing to share yourself… and the craft that you love… Appreciatively, Bea

  12. Thank YOU so much for all of the valuable information you share with us all. You inspire me to keep getting better. Every day I have something new to shoot. And eat! Welcome back home to NYC. Vickie Siculiano, Wayne, NJ (originally from Brooklyn, but they ran out of parking…)

  13. I’m really, really happy to hear that it went so well. You’re the greatest.


  14. Sometimes dreams come true … I wanted to attend one of your courses but from Italy is not so easy. Fortunately, there is creativeLIVE!
    When I read that you would have done your course I could not believe it.
    Of course I bought the course and obviously I’ll look hundreds of times.
    I was amazed: you are really good also as a teacher.
    So thank you again:
    Grazie Maestro!

  15. I can´t stop taking a picture of my dinner EVERY day since I saw you in CreativeLive and it is your fault, so THANK YOU.😀

  16. Andrew, you are the true professional ! Your kindness and humility put you above and beyond, not to mention your outstanding talent ! Wish i lived in NYC, I’d love to be a student of yours.

  17. Hi, did you see how Neel from wrote out what you taught on creative live? So cool and I think you should do a food photography book! I would so buy it!!!
    : ) Steph

  18. I listened to your interview, it was very good!!! I am learning to use my camera on manual thanks to you!
    I’m using the light meter inside the camera, not sure if a hand held one is the same.

  19. Andrew, as I read the post above I’m just left thinking, “What a good person!”. (Is that proper punctuation?) I don’t think you missed anyone. My time with you has opened my eyes, broadened my skill set, and caused me to realize that I am not there just to photograph what is presented but rather proactively create a beautiful image. So for those things I say to you, Thank You!

  20. Thank YOU Andrew! This was the class I had been waiting for since Penny De Los Santos’ class. At that time I was not really into photographing my creations and my blog wasn’t even a concept. When I started OMG Yum! I was ANXIOUSLY awaiting for another food photography class. I purchased the course on the first 3 hours of watching it live. I have learned so much from your class. Of course I need to finish watching it. Then, to top it off you selected my photo as an honorable mention on your course. I am SO very grateful and honored. Thank you Andrew! Love watching you work!

  21. I am enjoying the rebroadcast of your Creative Live program. I just want you to know that the fork you use with the mussels is a lemon fork. It might be useful for another set up.

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