AndrewScrivani_FoodPhoto_instructor_facebook_851x315At 9am PST, Noon on the East Coast my creativeLIVE workshop which will span the next three days and will cover about 18 hours of material on all aspects of the food photography business will begin. I will show slides, perform demonstrations, have live students in-studio and interactions with the viewing audience via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can post photos and comments with the hashtag #foodphotoLIVE. There will be contests and give aways and I will be critiquing photos from my live students as well as the internet audience. We will have a guest on Day 2, Gluten Free Girl Shauna Ahern, who will share with us her thoughts about the role of photography in her business. I hope you can join in. You can enroll, watch it live or even watch it again immediately after we go off the air. You can also purchase the class and watch it anytime you like. See you there.


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23 responses to “creativeLIVE…Today.

  1. Kelvin

    Good luck!!

  2. Thank you SOOOOO much for your workshop! I was so lucky to stumbleupon it! I had to buy it!!! You are truly amazing! Steph : )

  3. P.S. I went to follow you to find out I already was : )

  4. Thank you for sharing with us all! Maria from Sweden

  5. I knew who you were from an article that you wrote on photographing soup, so I was really excited to see that you were teaching a class on Creative Live.

    I really enjoyed your styling techniques that you taught yesterday.

    I love your humble, down to earth attitude, and the patience you showed today with your students. I haven’t seen that with a lot of photographers at Creative Live, and it was refreshing to see. I was impressed that you were just a really nice guy.

  6. Your class on CreativeLive is amazing, Andrew. I’m so glad I discovered your work through CreativeLive. I’m already applying knowledge you have shared. Thank you!

  7. I can’t think of a better person to work for, your shoots must be a blast to work on.

    It was refreshing to see that at all levels of expertise, photographers still switch and tilt and change to make piles of food more interesting. You are a master and I am terribly grateful to have been able to catch this program. KUDOS!

  8. Kelvin

    How’s the oyster?🙂

  9. Maria from Halifax NS Canada

    Thank you Andrew for such a great workshop (at CreativeLive)! Learned sooo much!! Had to ‘work’ so only able to tune in for parts of the airing. One thing I noticed (but must have missed when unable to watch) is that for the most part you were using either a 50mm or 100mm macro lens. Are those the main two you recommend? and if so if you could only have one which one would you pick?

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