creativeLIVE…in Two

So, today we had a really great Google Hangout with the folks at creativeLIVE and Foodista. We had excellent questions from the audience and it was a lot of fun as a warmup to my creativeLIVE workshop

One day left to enroll. It’s still FREE!


Here is another stir fry from Martha. We’ll be talking about how to noodle around with noodles on Day 1. See you there.


July 18, 2013 · 7:15 am

4 responses to “creativeLIVE…in Two

  1. The Hangout was so much fun yesterday! Also, that stir fry looks amazing🙂

  2. Kelvin

    Did I hear you correctly that the day rate is $200? And $500 if additional material is required. How do people survive with that rate?

    • What I said was newspaper day rates start at $200 plus expenses. That is just to shoot. This doesn’t really apply to produced food photography. That’s the lowest I suggest you begin an editorial negotiation at. Show up, shoot what’s there, deliver shots.

      You need to get a lot of work at those rates to survive. For sure.

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