Television, Acts of God & Photography…


So, I made my television debut today on The Chew. I settled in at 1pm at my studio to watch the show and was enjoying Catherine McCord’s segment on Green Mac & Cheese when all of a sudden ABC went to a Breaking News Weather Alert due to a tornado warning upstate. I knew that I was in the fourth segment which would run at about 1:30pm so I still had 15 minutes. The alert ran for a full ten minutes and we caught just the end of Catherine’s second segment before the commercial break. During the News Alert I had several texts and phone calls lamenting the interruption. I think my mother used some expletives…well…actually I’m sure of it.

So, when all of the commercials ran I thought we were in the clear…when the weatherman appeared again with those blasted radar readings and doomsday graphics. When the alert finally ended they went back and there we were…Daphne Oz, Yvette Nicole Brown and me…laughing and joking and talking about ugly cookies. So, it wasn’t a total loss…only the NY audience was effected and here is the link to the entire segment that was posted on the ABC website earlier today. It was a lot of fun and we even had a little drama to go along with the comedy.


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6 responses to “Television, Acts of God & Photography…

  1. Excellent work and good story… live TV can be dramatic!

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