Shakshuka…Familiar Dish, Exotic name


This dish looks really familiar but if you have never heard of shakshuka (like me) you might have been expecting something more alien. Eggs poached in tomato sauce is a Mediterranean staple in many cultures and the subtle tweaks in this Israeli via Tunisia version of one of my favorite dishes is well worth a try. I have seen it called everything from the mundane “baked eggs” to the provocative “eggs in hell”. It appears in this week’s Good Appetite Column and whatever you call it, it’s great.


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4 responses to “Shakshuka…Familiar Dish, Exotic name

  1. ‘Eggs in hell’ is a catchy title. The tomato sauce must be fiery hot! I should check out the mag. Thanks Andrew!

  2. Wow deliciousness, absolutely appetizing shot!!

    What a coincidence! We use that exact recipe as a baseline for a shakshuka recipe two weeks, and now I just found your site randomly, to realize that you actually made the shot in the article. The internet isn’t that large after all!

    Anyway, fabulous shots and stories on your site Andrew – thank you!!!

    • Thanks. That dish is pretty special. I can eat that every day.

      • Yes!! That’s exactly what we think too. I especially love when you start playing around with different flavours and ingredients! Our version includes feta & olives, but it gets mad when you add merguez & more. And by modulating the spices & hot sauces, you have an infinity of version with the very same recipe!

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