Last Chance…


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12 responses to “Last Chance…

  1. Please don’t harsh my mellow. We haven’t even started summer here.

  2. Love this grill! Cheaper than the Big Green Egg I just bought!

  3. Great angle and effective use of fill-in flash. I can SMELL the meat.

  4. I would love it and be honored if you could include me, chefofthejungle and my blog, on your blogroll. Please check me out. I would be most grateful.
    David L Mahler

  5. Cynthia McKenna


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  6. I’m a die hard charcoal user. This barbecue looks interesting. Would you mind telling us a little about it and what kind it is? Thanks for all of your sharing.

    • It belonged to the farm where we were shooting. I think it was pretty old and hand made. I had not seen one before or since. It was at Neversink Farm in Claryville, NY. Maybe contact them and they can give you the full story on it. Maybe even who built it.

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