Starting from Scraps…

I was recently given the wonderful opportunity to write, cook, style and photograph my own story about leftovers for Dining. It appeared in yesterday’s New York Times. Although this is what I do here in this space all the time the magnitude of seeing it in print on the cover yesterday and the reception and congratulations I received from friends and colleagues was amazing. It was quite a different experience to see both my photo byline on top of my writing byline in such a prominent space. It’s nice when an old dog can do a few new tricks once in a while. Thanks for reading and thanks for all of the kind words.


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9 responses to “Starting from Scraps…

  1. Queen ArtoEat Speaks

    I was very happy to see not only your picture but an article written by you as well. Congratulations! Go Yankees!

  2. Andrew, great article and it got me inspired to do a “leftover challenge” with my readers to see what everyone can come up with over the next week. Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration!

  3. As amazing as you are and all you have accomplished, I like the humbleness.Good Job, enjoyed the piece.

  4. Wow. Congrats! I have to admit I saw the phyllo–one of those ingredients I always struggle with–and didn’t read it but I’ll definitely read it now!

  5. I love the musician metaphor, thanks for the inspiration! I hope you return to Seattle soon.

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