Modern Love…

Last week we took Melissa Clark’s Appetite column out of my studio and to a dinner party. It deserves a night out once in a while. Melissa hosted a Modernist Cuisine inspired soiree and I was there to document all of the the mad scientist activities. Check out the article and the accompanying slide show of my shots.


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4 responses to “Modern Love…

  1. Sounds like a nice meal! You let me know next time you’re out here and I’ll make dinner WITH all the exotic gear🙂

  2. I will definitely take you up on that. This was sort of Modernist Lite for the Casual Geek. I want some full blown geeked out vittles. The food at the party was excellent.

  3. How many of you now have “Modern Love” stuck in your head now….as soon as I wrote the title…I started hearing the song in my head.

  4. No…I have “Moondance” in my head (my mom called those stuck songs “ghosts”)…not “Modern Love.” It’s been a week and I keep hearing it. Hmm. Lovely pics…always a joy to look at your work. Thanks!

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