Seattle Photography Workshop 6/7-6/8

I will be teaching a Food Photography Workshop in Downtown Seattle beginning one week from today. I am being hosted by none other than the Seattle Bon Vivant herself, Myra Kohn. I will be teaching for 2 days, each class being 4 hours long (9am-1pm) and covering the outline listed below. You can sign up simply by going to and making a payment of $150 to I can send you the address upon registration. You can sign up for June 7th or 8th. We are capped at 15 spots per day. Some sign-ups have already happened on Twitter and Facebook but spots are available. Please email me if you have any questions.



I Discussion (1 Hour)

  • Introduction
  • AV Presentation
  • Equipment, technique and approach to daylight food photography
  • Styling tips and prop selection

II Practical (5 groups of 3 working together on practical shooting scenarios) 2 Hours

Food Porn Approach

Taking Table Setting Shots in Small Spaces

Graphic Depiction Approach (aka The Ugly Food Dilemma)

Difficult Lighting Solutions

III Review and Q&A (1 Hour)

Review Practical

View Photos

Discuss Editing and Processing

The goal of these 4 hour workshops is to give people of any skill level the basic knowledge and confidence to improve their food photography. With a need for not much beyond a camera, some basic light manipulation tools and a better understanding of what makes food pictures evocative and beautiful, participants will hopefully come away with the skills to make better food pictures.


Digital Camera

Light discs, scrims and small and large black and white cards (if possible)

Tripod (if you own one)

Any personal props you would like to style with”


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4 responses to “Seattle Photography Workshop 6/7-6/8

  1. dona

    won’t be able to get to Seattle for this class…any other food photo workshops/classes scheduled (in CA?)

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