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Merry Christmas…with a Cake!

Last month, I was tasked with shooting a Bouche de Noel for Melissa Clark’s  Good Appetite column. I had never made or shot one before and I knew that this particular recipe, inspired by the great Dorie Greenspan, had to be aces. I also knew that when Melissa made her’s she had a ringer in the kitchen….Dorie herself. The pressure was on…but I have my own superstar on the bench to call on when in need of a big pinch hit…none other than my great friend, pastry maestro, Pichet Ong.

I have also formed a creative partnership with my former assistant Devon Knight and his editing partner Jason Lee to begin to shoot and direct food videos. We decided that this was a good chance to give our new collaboration a whirl…interesting, seasonal subject matter, a brand name talent on board and a recipe by a legend.

Here is the result…plus some snappy music to rock to while you roll. Merry Christmas!!!

Directed by: Andrew Scrivani

DP: Devon Knight

Editor: Jason Lee

Starring: The Hands of Pichet Ong



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NYT Essential Thanksgiving…

GOOD_APPETITE_21Julia Moskin and Melissa Clark compiled all of the essentials for a successful Thanksgiving Feast in this sprawling NYT interactive. We shot for a week and then ate like it was already the holidays. Go check out all the goodies before you plan your holiday meals.

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Picnic Pleasures…

_C5A9825Haricots verts, corn and carrot salad with mustard vinaigrette was the simple pleasure of the picnic story that ran in the Good Appetite column this week. See the recipe here.


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Shakshuka…Familiar Dish, Exotic name


This dish looks really familiar but if you have never heard of shakshuka (like me) you might have been expecting something more alien. Eggs poached in tomato sauce is a Mediterranean staple in many cultures and the subtle tweaks in this Israeli via Tunisia version of one of my favorite dishes is well worth a try. I have seen it called everything from the mundane “baked eggs” to the provocative “eggs in hell”. It appears in this week’s Good Appetite Column and whatever you call it, it’s great.


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Happy Thanksgiving…

Happy Thanksgiving...

Melissa Clark’s Chocolate Thanksgiving Desserts

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November 21, 2012 · 3:58 pm

FFT# 162 Gratuitous Food Porn 55


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FFT #158 Gratuitous Food Porn 51



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