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Merry Christmas…with a Cake!

Last month, I was tasked with shooting a Bouche de Noel for Melissa Clark’s  Good Appetite column. I had never made or shot one before and I knew that this particular recipe, inspired by the great Dorie Greenspan, had to be aces. I also knew that when Melissa made her’s she had a ringer in the kitchen….Dorie herself. The pressure was on…but I have my own superstar on the bench to call on when in need of a big pinch hit…none other than my great friend, pastry maestro, Pichet Ong.

I have also formed a creative partnership with my former assistant Devon Knight and his editing partner Jason Lee to begin to shoot and direct food videos. We decided that this was a good chance to give our new collaboration a whirl…interesting, seasonal subject matter, a brand name talent on board and a recipe by a legend.

Here is the result…plus some snappy music to rock to while you roll. Merry Christmas!!!

Directed by: Andrew Scrivani

DP: Devon Knight

Editor: Jason Lee

Starring: The Hands of Pichet Ong



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Talk the Talk…


One of the clips from my most recent stint on creativeLIVE.com on Table Top Photography. Check it out here.

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The Business of Food Photography…

creativeLIVE posted this 30 min. clip of my class on Youtube which contains some very important information for anyone thinking about doing food photography for a living. It includes my “10 Questions You Need to Ask a Client Before Taking a Job”.  The entire talk and the course are now on sale for the holidays. Hope you enjoy it.

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December 17, 2013 · 10:14 am

Photo Tips: Reading Your Light Meter

Now that the folks at creativeLIVE have posted a pile of clips from my sessions there, I have the opportunity to post them here and give you all the opportunity to learn a bit and know where to go to find more instruction. Hope you enjoy.

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October 16, 2013 · 12:46 pm

creativeLIVE…in Two

So, today we had a really great Google Hangout with the folks at creativeLIVE and Foodista. We had excellent questions from the audience and it was a lot of fun as a warmup to my creativeLIVE workshop

One day left to enroll. It’s still FREE!


Here is another stir fry from Martha. We’ll be talking about how to noodle around with noodles on Day 1. See you there.


July 18, 2013 · 7:15 am

3 Days to Go…creativeLIVE

Only 3 days left. Here is a shot from a story by cocktail whisperer Dave Wondrich for Gilt Taste. The mission was make it look like a lake house cocktail experience. All of this done on a 3×2 table top. Don’t forget to enroll. It’s FREE!



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Six More Days…creativeLIVE

8C5A5769The creativeLIVE countdown continues today with a shot of seeds that appeared in Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cookbook last year. Keep your eyes open for her new e-title Crazy Silly Kids…shot by yours truly. Don’t forget to enroll. Can’t wait to get going.




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